It’s NOT About Agile or Waterfall!

OK, I’m officially “over it.” Although inevitable, I really don’t want to participate in another argument about whether “agile” works and if it will improve delivery for business entities. It is NOT about whether you use agile techniques, waterfall techniques or something in between…it’s about DISCIPLINE, PRIORITY and being willing to dedicate the organization’s BEST people to getting an important initiative accomplished. Period…full stop, final, end of discussion.

Yes, Agile techniques can help, if the nature of what needs to be delivered can be developed in short, reviewable pieces. If that truly cannot be done, then dig out the old serial waterfall-style techniques (or consider iterative or incremental approaches), but make sure reviews of the progressing product are done along the way by qualified people that genuinely understand the business’ needs.

When teams have the discipline to work together and not only listen to “the voice of the customer” but make the customer part of the team – great things happen.

When management puts a genuine priority on getting an initiative accomplished, and minimizes interruptions that take people away from working on the initiative, business change occurs.

When the organization’s best people set their minds to something, the possibilities are numerous and exciting.

Are you saying you have a high priority initiative that you want accomplished “yesterday?” Are you behaving like you want it yesterday? Discipline, priority and your best people are the answer…a particular process or set of tools is secondary.