An Intelligent Disobedience New Year’s Resolution

One of the primary concepts of engaging in Intelligent Disobedience is to be true to one’s self. Intelligent Disobedience is acting in a way that often counters what is expected, but is in the best interest of the business at large. Equally important, however, is understanding that acting with Intelligent Disobedience is often required to be true to yourself, your ethics and to validate your role in your business, your family or amongst your friends.

So our idea for a New Year’s resolution is not to decide to DO something…it is to decide to strive to BE something in 2012. And, it is not to be anything different…it is to BE yourself. It is to accept, value and support who you truly are. Be true to yourself and enforce this “selfness” by the approaches you take and the decisions you make this year. For example, if you truly believe the status of a project is red, and management is wanting you to state it is amber because they don’t want “undue attention” paid to the project, don’t just accept that direction. Push back – state your case and strive to maintain your integrity towards your profession and more importantly, your SELF.

Taking this approach with a full understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses can help improve your professional and personal life. (And you don’t need a scale to measure it!)

Can you think of things that you did (or did not do) during 2011 that were not in support of who you really are? What could you do different in 2012 to enhance your “support of self?”

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