Outsourced Service Certification

It has been interesting to read about the progress made by Australia on deriving a certification regime for cloud computing. As a relatively new, very popular and pervasive variety of outsourced service it seems appropriate to certify, however it makes us wonder why popular certifications of outsourced services has not come earlier.

Wise project and program managers understand that any service they depend upon for delivery of successful project outcomes needs to be “certified” by formal or informal means. Leveraging service providers – either internal or external to the project manager’s organisation – requires the project manager to fully understand what will be provided, what the project team may have to accommodate, and what the timing is for service delivery. As with many things in project delivery, the project manager needs to behave as if they are the “centre of the project universe.” Many project managers are required to go through procurement organisations when contracting services, the experienced project manager will invest time working with the purchasing specialist to ensure the right services are acquired with appropriate terms and conditions. Focused project delivery attention when it comes to using outsourced services is not only a requirement, it is vital. The ramifications of error with contracted services can be substantial.

Having spent 12 years managing outsourced accounts, our experience has shown it is the content of the defined services, followed by the relationship that exists between the outsourcer and the service recipient that are the pillars of success in an outsourcing engagement. The project manager is at the heart of both of these success factors.

Are you utilising outsourced services on your project? Have you performed the appropriate amount of “certification” on the services you are planning to receive? Are you being the “centre of the project universe”?

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