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Low Hanging Fruit

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

We have all said it to ourselves, often many times. It would be easier if I just fixed __________. (fill in the blank as you see fit).  Things would be easier if we just standardised or worked on getting _______ right. (Go ahead, you know you have an answer for that blank too!)

As we talk with clients across the globe we often hear the phrase “we have picked all of the low hanging fruit.” Additional savings it seems can only be found through more pervasive and difficult change initiatives. Our common response to this claim is, “I doubt it – let’s see if we can find some opportunities.” Although these larger change initiatives can result in positive results, it is rare that we don’t find savings in those “nagging business process improvements” that can be easily identified by project managers and their team members.

Sometimes it is fixing a neglected estimation process (have you established a habit to go back and check your actual cost and time consumed against the original estimates?).  In other instances it is establishing a quick, concise project review process to consider suspending or cancelling projects that have drifted from their original purpose or have outlasted their useful life in some manner.

It is rare that additional savings can not be found; and in this pressure filled economic environment every advantage should be sought to balance budgets, increase profits or decrease costs.

Are you struggling with budget pressures?

We can help you find or fix the hidden (sometimes) fruit in your project management and delivery processes.


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