A Whole Different Kind of Resilience

Posted on October 9, 2012

As the instigators of change, organizational leaders require a whole different kind of resilience. All leaders can be subject to the whims of their senior leadership, who are trying to balance significant and conflicting priorities. They also have to deal with the workers on the coal face, who are trying to make sense of changing goals, business processes and expectations. Both senior leaders and workers can present their concerns with a vein of fear, and people in a position of fear are rarely predictable, nor easy to deal with. At the same time, leaders are dealing with the very changes they are instigating. This begs the question, who does the organizational leader turn to when they need to deal with change and the corresponding fears that may surface?

The answer to this question can differ from person to person, however there are three different approaches a leader can take:

  1. Talk to someone! A mentor- the best mentors know when to just listen, as well as when to guide or question and share their experience to support you. A coach- the best coaches know what to listen for, what to reflect, and what questions to ask in service of moving you forward toward your intended goal or result. The very act of describing the challenges you are facing may help surface a viable solution.
  2. Peers. Inherently, leading an organization can be a lonely task, but it doesn’t need to be. Reaching out and sharing your issues and concerns with your peers can produce ideas or a “united front” that can be the catalyst for change in an organisation.
  3. Go away and hide! Seriously! Taking 15-30 minutes with yourself and your thoughts to focus on the issues at hand and let your mind fully engage in solving the problems you are facing can be very beneficial. Find an empty conference room; go for a walk and turn off your mobile phone or go have a coffee and release the power you have to work through your issues.

Whether you follow one of these approaches or a different one, taking the opportunity to focus on solving your own issues can be instrumental in delivering outcomes successfully.

Do you have an organizational issue that requires your focus…today?

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