Improvement = New Habits

Posted on June 22, 2010

Recently, we had a potential client ask us a very pointed question…”What will I see in my organization on day one after my staff sits through one of your Intelligent Disobedience workshops?”

It is a great question…yet I hope our answer was even better, and reflected our embracing of intelligent disobedience by saying something different from what is expected (yet conveys the truth). What was our answer? Nothing, you won’t see a difference at all on day 1 after a workshop.

Training workshops, ours or others, dealing with an “edgy topic” such as intelligent disobedience or a basic leadership techniques course provide significant POTENTIAL for improvement on day 1. What causes improvements in an organization is the development of new habits – new habits that are coached and reinforced over several months in order for them to become commonplace. Those new habits should then be reinforced by a change or adjustment to performance measurement systems so the new habits and techniques being proposed are embraced, and their value realized. Only then is improvement going to appear.

Intelligent Disobedience Leadership provides workshops, coaching and consulting with a focus on courageous leadership through intelligent disobedience, and the implementation of new habits. We can help you and your teams design a community of practice which leverages constructive “intelligent disobedience.” For further information, email us at