Listening Plans

Posted on October 30, 2012

We need fewer Communication Plans and more Listening Plans

The communication plan has become an element of focus, especially with the realisation that Change Management needs to be a greater part of the effort that brings projects to successful outcomes. Many leaders face challenges with the effectiveness of their communication plans. Stakeholders cry out when they are not part of organizational planning, the changes being thrust upon them are not practical, and have not come with sufficient training. Perhaps a communication plan itself is not enough; rather we need to add or incorporate a distinct Listening Plan.

Most communication plans focus on the methods, timing and media that will be used to communicate status and progress to stakeholders. Although typically there are also discussions about collecting information and opinions from stakeholders, the emphasis is clearly on what will be communicated OUTWARD. Even if the team included requirements and opinion collection exercises in the communication plan, the description often gives the stakeholders the perception these activities are secondary in importance. A Listening Plan would provide greater detail in describing the process approaches for information and opinion collection, how that data will be captured, what will be done with that information, and how it will be fed back to stakeholders.

Often managers struggle with “buy-in” and want fewer issues with uptake from stakeholders – they end up saying “why can’t they just roll with the punches and apply the changes.” Maybe WE need to change a bit – change our language, change our emphasis and give up a bit of control – and institute a sincere and well thought out listening plan. Therefore our stakeholders get the perception we care about their views and in return we receive critical information vital to the success of our organizations.

Are you getting the buy-in you are hoping for with your change initiatives? Are you willing to modify the way you approach your planning? Maybe the Listening Plan is an approach you should consider.

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