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Keynotes are an efficient way to expose larger groups to the concepts and benefits of intelligent disobedience. There are customizable, high energy sessions that will engage and entertain while educating your audience. Call us today to book an energizing keynote today. Choose from the keynote outlined below, or we an customize a keynote to suit your needs.

1. Show Your I.D. (Intelligent Disobedience)

Duration: 45 to 90 minutes


Managers and team leaders who serve, or have the potential to serve, as the “front line” manager to recommend or execute acts of intelligent disobedience in order to improve business performance.


This interactive and high energy keynote introduces the concept of intelligent disobedience and its ability to deliver improved business outcomes, increased customer and employee satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Examples of intelligently disobedient acts, and stories of how those actions came to fruition are woven throughout the presentation. Pragmatic techniques for applying intelligent disobedience in the workplace by assessing the appropriateness of intelligently disobedient actions and communicating these actions wisely are presented via thought provoking exercises.

Value takeaways

  • Attendees learn to “show their intelligent disobedience” capabilities and increase value delivery to their organizations.
  • Understand the power of intelligent disobedience and how it can increase leadership effectiveness and improve business outcomes.
  • Learn to determine when and how acts of intelligent disobedience are appropriate, and to access the business risks of both acting and not acting with intelligent disobedience.
  • Evaluate the best ways to communicate acts of intelligent disobedience, including whether to communicate in advance, during or after an act of intelligent disobedience is executed.
  • Ensure intelligent disobedience techniques being considered are ethical.
  • Understand the appropriate steps to take to discuss the concept and intent of intelligent disobedience with your organization.
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2. Business Improvement By Smartly Breaking the Rules

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes


Managers and Executives who have the responsibility to drive leadership improvements within their organizations and are seeking cutting edge methods for widespread employee engagement in improvement initiatives.


Sustainable performance improvement frequently requires fundamental changes to the way the business is run and the way teams are led. Intelligent disobedience prioritises outcomes over compliance, within ethical, legal, and risk management boundaries. Properly executing intelligent disobedience yields significant improvement in team results, however it requires careful and consistent guidance. This challenging presentation focuses on how to establish boundaries for intelligently disobedient actions with organizational leaders and communicating those boundaries with your teams. It also includes how to choose and educate the individuals in your organization who will be granted the ability, along with the level of authority, to leverage acts of intelligent disobedience.

Value takeaways

  • Refine a model for driving performance improvement by leveraging intelligent disobedience, including the prioritisation of performance improvement initiatives.
  • Build an initial blueprint for acceptable acts of intelligent disobedience, and understand how to assess and refine that blueprint based on business improvement results.
  • Examine and apply guidelines for selecting staff members to be authorised to execute intelligent disobedience, along with the extent of required pre-approval for each action.
  • Review and refine techniques for training staff members about intelligent disobedience, how it ties to the desired and prioritized business improvements and what is expected from anyone who engages in intelligent disobedience.
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